We’ve been keeping a little secret for a while now, but I’m pleased to finally be able to share it with you. We recently started working with Phil from Worthing Gin to bring another ginspired dream to life! To develop and produce a Sussex Dry Gin with a twist, a rosemary twist, to be precise! The result? Worthing Gin. A perfectly refreshing seaside pick me up to celebrate all that’s great about Worthing. So, do be sure to keep an eye out for this classic dry gin with a herbal twist balanced with lashings of luscious sweet orange.

A bottle of Worthing Gin at the beach

Worthing Gin sucessfully launched last weekend at the Worthing Food & Drink festival in Steyne Gardens, so much so that they sold out of the entire first batch! I have a feeling we’ll be keeping the stills at Slake warm for the foreseeable future at this rate! Congratulations to Phil and the Worthing Gin team. Do head over to their website (coming soon) for more info.

Worthing Gin launch at the Worthing Food & Drink festival at Steyne Gardens

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