Sussex Gin

  • Slake gin is by definition a distilled Sussex gin which has been produced exclusively by redistilling almost pure, tasteless ethanol of agricultural origin, in this case neutral grain spirit, with an initial strength of  >96% ABV (in essence the azeotrope of water and ethanol) that has been cold compounded with juniper berries and other natural botanicals to impart their flavour.
  • There is no added sugar or indeed anything else, but pure South Downs spring water.
  • We produce it using our Sussex Dry Gin method, which moderates a little of the juniper-pine extremis, we do this to create gins that can be sipped neat that are complex, distinctive and showcase our locally grown & gathered botanicals.
  • These are contemporary gins that will surprise and delight you, whilst respecting their traditional roots and ensuring that, although sometimes pleasingly attentuated, the juniper taste remains predominant.