Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to buy Slake Gin?

As long as you don’t need it immediately… No judgement here! 😁 We’ve all had one of those weeks before. 🍸 Then often the best place to buy Slake Gin is our online shop. We can deliver nationally with a variety of shipping options and you could join our online Slake Rewards scheme. If you are in a bit of a hurry though. Is it really their birthday again already? Give us a call and we’ll be able to put you in touch with your closest retailer.

How to garnish Slake Gin?

Well, that rather depends on the recipe. Our Sussex Dry Gin is a herbal and citrus forward gin that pairs well with fresh rosemary and ruby grapefruit. 🍊 🌿 Whereas, our Hedgerow Gin is more fruity and floral and pairs particularly well with elderflower and dark or red fruits like blackberry and raspberry. 💮🍓

Where can I find Slake Gin reviews?

You’ll find some reviews on our product pages for Sussex Dry Gin and Hedgerow Gin as well as various fabulous sources online too! 🌟 Thanks to all who have taken the time to share their reviews! 💖

Where is the Slake gin distillery? Is it possible to visit and tour the distillery?

You can find us on Google Maps and absolutely! Please email or call to arrange a visit. You can collect orders from the distillery or book a tour and tasting for up to 5 people for £15 per head (also redeemable per person against purchases of 500ml bottles). You can get to Shoreham-by-Sea by train or bus easily and it’s around a 20 minute walk to the distillery from the town centre or a short taxi ride. Alternatively, you can cycle or drive directly to the distillery. 🚲