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Welcome to Slake Spirits. My name is Tom and I started Slake in 2016 and today I’d like to talk to you about Slake Rewards. Everyone deserves to drink better for less. Fancy a digital gin loyalty card? Sound too good to be true? Well then, this just goes to show how much we appreciate the support of our customers and how much we love your loyalty. ❤️

Since we started selling our gin at local markets in 2016 we’ve almost exclusively relied on the good ‘word of mouth’ spread by our customers. Nothing has changed in that regard, but as we’ve grown that word has spread further and through different channels like online and social media. Often largely due to some really vocal and dedicated supporters (thank you!).

Slake stand at Worthing Artisan Market

Tom and the Slake Spirits stall at Worthing Artisan Market.

How does it work?

As a small independent distillery we’re always looking for ways to reach more discerning gin & spirit fans, particularly if we can do that through our online shop, so we can spend more time making tasty stuff in the distillery! That is why we created Slake Rewards, a digital gin loyalty card and craft gin refer a friend scheme, to encourage our customers to become Slake brand ambassadors and spread the word. It really is a win-win! *cough* CIN-CIN!

I’m really excited about our reward & referral scheme. There is a walkthrough or how to video above, but basically it’s a great way for us to say thank you for all the support we recieve from our most loyal and frequent customers and for you to help us by recommending Slake to your friends, family or followers.

The referall code link is limited to previous customers only (i.e. you have to make a purchase via our website to activate it) that have made a purchase because we want recommendations by genuine customers that love our products just as much as we do. You can also create an account during the checkout out process with just one click.

Currently the membership is limited to 100 and the idea is to reward our most loyal, vocal and frequent customers, as such inactive accounts may be removed at our discression. If there is the demand for it, we may increase the membership in the future. But at the time of recording this video, there are already 67 members. So, don’t wait too long if you’d like to join the fun! 🍸

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