Hedgerow Gin – 2019 vintage available now!

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Slake’s original sipping recipe, an autumn harvest gin, hand-foraged hedgerow fruit meets traditional spice with a soft and almost sweet, floral finish.

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*Last batch of 2019 Hedgerow Gin vintage available now!*

Slake’s original Sussex sipping gin, the first expression of our passion for making unique terroir gin and spirits that capture the taste of the seasons and a sense of time and place. For this autumn harvest recipe, we forage wild hedgerow fruit and flowers from the Sussex countryside before carefully blending them with some more traditional gin botanicals and infusing into a premium grain spirit base. Pot-distilled in a single-shot to impart maximum flavour creates a rather fine-tasting artisan gin with a soft, almost sweet, floral finish. This is a complex and distinctive gin to sip, inspired by an old Genever herb bill, that delivers across the full taste spectrum; a lively but delicate marriage of fruit, floral, herbaceous and spice notes.

Our Hedgerow Gin is produced annually in small batches of ca. 170 bottles which are allowed to mature and develop in stainless steel tanks for several months prior to bottling. Depending on the year, and the harvest, production of our Hedgerow Gin is very limited, typically in the region of 600 bottles. As with all our spirits, the bottles are individually numbered with batch no. and date of distillation as well as edition number and edition size. Our Great Taste award-winning Hedgerow Gin is distinctive and unusual.  If you’re a gin pioneer looking for something rare and exclusive that will provide you with restorative and emminently enjoyable moments of self-indulgence while really impressing your fellow gin friends, if you can bring yourself to share it, then you’re in for a treat!


Juniper, Coriander, Cassia, Cardamom, Fennel, Liquorice, Lemon Grass, Elder, Rowan & Rose.

Our Serving Suggestions

Hedgerow Gin, the perfect winter-warmer for a brisk walk in the countryside or shared among friends on a bracing bonfire night. This artisan gin is complex enough to stand alone and is particularly enjoyable sipped neat with or without ice. You can also serve it as a short drink with a dash of bitter lemon or dry ginger ale, over ice, just as Granddad Martin drinks it. A little tonic will open the gin up to bring out the sweet floral and berry character whilst softening the spice, for this we recommend something neutral and not too sweet like Schweppes Indian Tonic. For a refreshing and uplifting summer drink try pairing with 2 parts Fevertree Elderflower Tonic and garnishing with a fresh macerated raspberry or two. Delicious! It also works marvellously with a fresh blackberry, but keeping some Hedgerow Gin on your shelf long enough for them to come into season can be a challenge.

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