Negroni Bauble Gift Boxes

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Our Negroni baubles are not only delicious and sparkly, but a perfect tree present or gift for Santa and Rudolph to share! 🎅🦌🎁🎄

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Negroni Bauble Gift Boxes

For the past few weeks the elves have been busy tying ribbons and sprinkling fairy dust, but the time is finally here… Our Negroni cocktail baubles are back and this year in luxury gift boxes! We like to think of these enchanting, sparkly wonders as ‘adult snowglobes’ just shake vigourously to reveal the glitter swirls. The Negroni is one of our favourite cocktails, especially during the festive season, and this recipe is an absolute winner with 50 ml of our Sussex Dry Gin, 50 ml Campari (amaro) and 50 ml Antica Formula (semi-sweet red vermouth). Together they’re a bitter orange and herbal sensation balanced with a touch of honeyed vanilla. Deliciously, distinctive! Once you learn to love a Negroni it will open the doors to a wonderful world of cocktails. 🍸

When the time is right, pour over plenty of ice with a slice of orange or grapefruit to enjoy. Best served with a loved one in a contemplative, but curious mood setted in front of an open fire.  Just let us know during the checkout if you’d prefer to collect from the distillery or one of our upcoming events.

Oh and this year, in a feat of Willy Wonka proportions, it appears that there is in fact a surprise golden and silver glitter bauble to be found! Should you be the lucky recipient of the golden bauble you definitely won’t be short of gin for a while and the silver bauble will entitle the bearer to a bottle of our 2019 vintage Hedgerow Gin! Should you be a lucky winner, please take a photo with your bauble and post it on Instagram, don’t forget to tag and follow us! 📷


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